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What ChatGPT Means for Project Managers: 4 Ways to Respond to This Innovation

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In November 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Technology watchers, educators, marketers and journalists alike have all shared their take on this technology. But what does it mean for project managers?

What is ChatGPT?
While still in its infancy, ChatGPT has already grabbed headlines and caused some sleepless nights. In essence, the technology can interact with users and produce a text response based on what it finds on the internet.

A tour of some headlines reveals the potential impact:

  • ChatGPT Writes Code, But Won't Replace Developers (TechTarget)
  • Cheating on Your College Essay with ChatGPT Won't Get You Good Grades, Say Professors — But AI Could Make Education Fairer (Business Insider)
  • How ChatGPT Will Destabilize White-Collar Work (The Atlantic)

As The Atlantic article suggests, technologies like ChatGPT may impact knowledge professions like project management. With disruptive technology, getting carried away with the hype and fear is trivially easy. But such thinking adds little value.

ChatGPT: A Risk Analysis
In project management circles, a risk is positive or negative. With ChatGPT, there are positive and negative implications. For project managers and organizations, here are some to consider:

Positive implications

  • Eliminate some research tasks: The ability to hunt …

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