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The Perfect IT Pitch


The need for citizen developers to help organizations digitally transform is increasingly evident with the vast majority falling behind on delivering these objectives.

However, as the call for low-code and no-code tools to be more widely adopted increases, there is still a lot of skepticism and pushback—particularly from IT. This is why delivering the perfect pitch is essential to overcoming this objection and getting your IT department on board.

Learn how these PMI partners have mastered the art of the pitch by placing these three main principles at the heart of the conversation:

1. The IT Department Must Have Control
It’s not surprising that IT would be anxious at the thought of non-IT trained business users building business apps without guidance or oversight. Unfortunately, many businesses still see citizen development as exactly that—when in reality, governance is an essential part of successful citizen development programs.

For citizen development to work, there need to be clear parameters, rules and permissions that a citizen developer can follow and work within—and IT must be the ones to deliver that guidance.

As Derya Sousa, Co-Founder and COO of Kianda, says, “What we have seen that works well is giving citizen developers the ability to innovate within boundaries of a controlled environment. This is what we believe IT …

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"If you want to please only the critics, don't play too loud, too soft, too fast or too slow."

- Arturo Toscanini