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Managing From the Heart: How Caring Drives Project Success

PMI Baltimore, MD Chapter

Paige is a project manager in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a project resource turned project manager, I’ve experienced many different leaders. Over the years, I have built my own repertoire of techniques on how I want to manage my projects and teams.

Graduating college, I started in auditing at a public accounting firm—which was ultimately not the direction I was meant to drive my career. I transitioned into technology, consulting for clients across the world. From the early days of my professional career, I took note of situations I may have disagreed with as lessons learned—and began building how I would someday lead.

At the forefront, I decided I wanted to lead with my heart. At my company, we have a philosophy referred to as the “five C’s”:

  1. Caring
  2. Curious
  3. Collaborative
  4. Courageous
  5. Critical thinking

While all of these elements are essential, there is no doubt which one I feel is most important. Read on to understand how I drive project success by utilizing a simple, easy-to-understand technique.

The Golden Rule
Project managers across the world face challenges daily, whether from resources, budgets or materials. Every project manager wants all of their projects to finish on time and within budget. But to what extent does this impact our resources?

To make it easier, we should lead based on a simple rule we were taught at a young age: Treat others the way you want …

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