Project Management

Task Talk: A Method for Effective Communication

Alina is Managing Director for GreenWay Green Building Consultancy.

One of the biggest challenges you face as a project manager in the building construction industry is making sure all tasks are finished on time, within budget and—most importantly—safely. To accomplish this objective, the team needs to communicate effectively. The solution is "Task Talk," an effective way to streamline project management in the industry.

Task Talk puts the emphasis on duties rather than on people. It stresses how the duty is performed regardless of who is performing it. Because no matter who is doing which job, the bottom line is that every job must be performed consciously considering the industry standards of safety and quality.

Task Talk entails delegating smaller duties from a bigger project to team members, who then update one another on their progress. The main benefit of Task Talk is that it promotes a cooperative project management style where team members cooperate to accomplish shared objectives. It shifts the dynamic from working in isolation to working collectively. This technique is not only beneficial technically, but it also has emotional benefits of team bonding for the project team.

Any project management framework can use Task Talk, a straightforward but effective way of communication. Project managers can follow the following steps to implement it:

  1. Define the project's goals and objectives: This …

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