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6 Drivers of Change (and How to Harness Them)

Tallahassee, Florida Chapter

George Freeman, PMP, is a seasoned IT project manager and leader who has worked in the software industry for nearly four decades, including over 25 years of project management. He has significant experience and expertise in enterprise information systems, data, and business architectures, and is an advocate for “business and technical architectural awareness” among all project team members. Mr. Freeman has international and remote team experience, and has a passion for meta-modeling, domain-driven design, and “all things architecture.”

Change is the source of, and the solution to, all the problems we face in the project economy.

Although stated humorously, it holds the “vein of truth” that organizations risk consequential exposure unless they engage project professionals to manage and implement change within their corporate walls to counter the change impacting their corporate environments. Such is the pyro-dynamic confession of our profession—we fight fire with fire.

In this article, we will take a pragmatic, somewhat humorous journey through lesser-known dynamics of change that (to the best of my knowledge) were inadvertently excluded from our favored body of knowledge. Although I promise to return you to the land of “institutional project understanding” in one piece, the decision to read further represents your acknowledged consent to accept all risks associated with this activity…

The great unspeakable
Projectologists have long known that “corporate politics” had a symbiotic relationship with our profession, but deemed its kindred nature unreconcilable to the burgeoning practice standard. Hence, through a consensus agreement, this untoward truth became known as the “great unspeakable.” Even today, this decision holds firm through conventional wisdom, which states that project professionals should avoid corporate politics at all costs.

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