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How to Navigate 7 Future Challenges Project Managers Will Face

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Carleton Chinner is the Managing Director of MagniStrat, a Brisbane, Australia-based project consultancy specializing in program capability maturity improvement. Carleton works on large complex projects and is often called upon to speak about his experiences.

“Thinking about the future helps us prepare for challenges to ensure project success."

From exciting developments in biomedical technology and major transformations in the energy industry, through to the ongoing impact of artificial intelligence, the future is full of new and interesting challenges.

One thing we know for certain is that project managers will be at the forefront of delivery. Just like everyone else, we will have our own industry-specific changes to deal with.

Here are a few likely future challenges that you may encounter, and some suggestions for how to prepare for them…

1. A new generation enters the workplace
Over the coming two decades, Generation Z will enter and change the workplace in ways that will impact project teams in many ways. This change is going to become very noticeable as baby boomers and Gen X transition to retirement, leaving a very different demographic composition to the workplace.

Mostly born this century, Gen Z are digital natives who have lived through the pandemic, spiraling economies, and the emergence of artificial intelligence. Early indications are that they are a generation that values job security and are prepared to negotiate the specific benefits that make up their employment package. Expect to hear requests for key items such as hybrid work and ongoing education.

Like every generation before …

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