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This blog is a conversation between the Agile Practice Guide Team and our PMI and Agile Alliance Communities to gain insight, support and collaboration around the creation of a usable and relevant body of work that supports transition to hybrid and agile in project work.

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Agile Practice Guide Launching Pad

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Agile Alliance and Project Management Institute (PMI) are about to initiate a major launch later this year – the Agile Practice Guide.  Our joint development team has spent seven of the anticipated nine months writing so far.  These are exciting times with a little bit of anxiety creeping in from time to time.

Doing something as bold as bridging a divide between two communities carries elements of risk.  What if neither community likes what we have produced?  What if we do not meet expectations of what people envision an Agile Practice Guide should be or contain?  What if this “Big Thing” we have done falls completely flat?

 There are many “what if” scenarios like this that we could play out in our minds.  It is sometimes very challenging for us to stay focused on our mission because these “what ifs” interrupt our thinking as we try to complete our work.

But eventually our “what if” questions have given way to “how cool” thinking.  How cool will it be when the Agile Practice Guide helps a team spread its agile mindset across an organization?  How cool will it be when organizations use content in the Agile Practice Guide to accelerate value delivery to customers?  How cool will it be when folks from the Agile Alliance, PMI and other communities start sharing their learning and experiences with each other because they were inspired by our collaboration on this project?

So as we prepare for the launch of the Agile Practice Guide later this year, how cool will it be when you come talk with our team about our experiences in developing the guide and what you thought about it?

Over the coming months, our team members are planning to be at the following events where you can connect with us:

  • Jesse Fewell: Agile2017 (August, Orlando, Florida, USA); PMI Global Congress North America (October, Chicago, Illinois, USA); PMI SeminarsWorld  (July in Indianapolis, Indiana; August in New Orleans, Louisiana; and September in Nashville, Tennessee, all USA)
  • Mike Griffiths:  PMI EMEA Global Congress (May, Rome, Italy); PMI Northern Alberta Chapter Conference (June, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada); Agile2017; PMI Global Congress North America
  • Becky Hartman: Agile Alliance Technical Conference (April, Boston, Massachusetts, USA); Agile2017
  • Betsy Kauffman: Agile2017; Southern Fried Agile (October, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA); Red Hat Agile Day (October, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
  • Steve Matola: Agile2017
  • Johanna Rothman: Influential Agile Leader (May, Toronto, Ontario, Canada); Agile2017; Agile Prague (September, Prague, Czech Republic)
  •  Horia Slu?anschi: blog

 We hope that you will come chat with team members about the project and the journey that you, your team and your organization are on.  Let’s use these opportunities as a launching pad to demonstrate the power of individual passion and engagement; the acceleration of value delivery through teamwork; and a vision and mindset that can take people and their organizations to completely new heights.

 How cool!


Posted by Stephen Townsend on: April 08, 2017 03:31 PM | Permalink

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Thank you Stephen, glad to be a part of it. Looking forward to the release.

Thanks for the information. When is the release?

We expect the Practice Guide to release in electronic form at the end of Q3-2017 with a print version available in Q4.

Thanks for sharing all these information!

Sounds like a great read. Looking forward to it!

Sounds like a great read. Looking forward to it!

Being fairly new to Agile and Lean concepts, I am looking forward to the release of this.
Thank you for all of your effort.

Sounds really interesting!

Looking forward to the new guide! Thanks!

Genuinely looking forward to it. With an agile mindset, get out the guide and we can continue to refine the guide with iterative feedback based upon the consensus of people interested in the subject matter. Version 2 of the PMBOK wasn't as good as version 5. But it was the best it could be at the time and many projects were made better by version 2. Further, version 5 is better because of version 2. Let's iterate together!

Bruce -- I agree with your point that the PMBOK(R) Guide and other PMI standards continue to evolve as the domains of project, program and portfolio management function in rapidly changing internal and external environmental contexts. Thanks for sharing that perspective!

Bravo to all team members who really worked hard in producing a document which has clarified a lot of doubts and misunderstandings about different frameworks using different kind of names for ceremonies, terms and activities. Which are now defined at one place for greater understanding.
I am sure with it's further editions it will be refined even further.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!

It is really good book and I am already enjoying it

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