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Having both a client that is currently in their Agile Transformation, implementing Portfolio SAFe, and hearing of the increased number of other organizations doing the same, I was motivated to go through this course and training to not only have a better understanding of SAFe princples, but also position myself as an individual who can offer support and guidance, coupled with my current skills and experiences, to organizations going through their internal change. 

I signed up and completed a two-day class. The class was comprised of myself and eleven other professionals of whom were there for the same reasons. It was a great mix of backgrounds, organizations, and cultural diversity. I met some really great individuals and look to continue our relationships even now the class has completed. 

We were all provided course workbooks, going through the slides with intermittent group activities and videos to help add further context to the principles described in the text. The trainer provided good professional insight and experiences, keeping the class engaged throughout. 

The exam was fair, taken through a web browser, consisting of 45 questions in a 90-minute timebox needing 34 correct answers to pass. I was able to take and pass the exam after completing the course, though to be fair, I had already spent time studying, navigating through the SAFe site, reading up on the different aspects of the roadmap, and reading through a colleagues training materials from a different course prior to the class, I had an advantage going in. There is a practice test (only 10 questions) on the Scaled Agile Framework site, and Without that, I probably would have spent a couple days reviewing prior to sitting the exam. 

To take the exam, it is required to attend a relevant SAFe course


Posted on: February 19, 2018 08:19 AM | Permalink

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Congrats Andrew for passing this exam.
I hope this certification will add more value to your career . All the very best to you and thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Andrew!

Did you take the course in Boulder with Dean or was it with one of their training partners? Any plans to go for the SPC or one of the other SAFe leadership credentials?


Thank you, Anish.

Kiron - I used a training provider. If I'm sponsored to take the SPC, then absolutely. But at this time, I don't have any plans. There is significant cost associated with many of these, especially, the deeper and more advanced you go - with the class and yearly fee. I'll have to wait and see.

Congratulation Andrew for your achievement and thanks for encouraging others to take the course if related to their work requirements.

Andrew, this is really a good point of considering the high cost of exam and maintaining the credentials with so many on the plate I wonder if one job can pay for all that, I guessed some of them they wont make difference in salary or finding higher paying job.

Very good thanks for sharing

Congratulations Andrew - Good Job. What's next ?

Thanks, Rami. Not sure yet. I do believe that although an organization may not necessarily go to SAFe, with the popularity of Scrum, the SPS would be advantageous. Plus, I can Study at my own pace and take it when im ready, without the need of a class.

thanks for sharing your experience

Thanks, Rami, Sante, and Vincent. Apologize for the delayed response.

I see this as valuable on different fronts - current client is implementing the SAFe framework, there seems to be an upward trend in organization’s transforming, and it shows a continuation of building skills to be better positioned to deliver value and support the landscape expands.

It's interesting stuff Andrew. I am just assessing the scaling certification market (because they change so often) to see what is the best scaling certification to go for. It might be a 12-month assessment or waiting period for me.

Congrats and thanks for sharing Andrew.

My goal is to sit for the exam within the next 30 days after attending a 2-day SAFe PO/PM class last week. I definitely see more organization will want to scale Agile in large complex organizations. The good thing is that organizations can start small with single Agile teams, then expand to running multiple cross-functional teams called - trains.

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