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The Connected Project Manager and the Connected Future

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What will the future be like for project managers? How will our teams change? Will robots displace human beings? Will we be able to have an edge in the age of AI? This blog will focus on our future of work—including current trends and future trends that we will experience in our workplace. Learn how project managers can leverage these trends to amplify value for customers, stakeholders, teams, the organization as a whole—and themselves. It’s all about proactively managing the transition to the future!

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Gamification – The game changer of the future

According to Gartner mankind will witness 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020. Whether it is

  1. My apple watch scheduling an appointment with my health care provider based on my health statistics
  2. My connected car calling the service centre for a proactive servicing
  3. Me tracking my 11-year-old daughter’s brushing regime through the smart toothbrush, while I am away from home

this connectedness is increasing. The future is no doubt connected and it is here. This connectedness could be in the following forms:

Digital Twin – The connected product: A digital twin, according to Gartner, is a digital representation of a physical object. It includes the model of the physical object, live data from the object, a unique one-to-one correspondence to the object, and the ability to monitor the object.

Digital Thread – The connected asset life cycle management: The digital thread consists of a communication framework that helps in facilitating an integrated view and connected data flow of the asset’s data throughout its lifecycle

Social Internet of things – The connected ecosystem: The Social Internet of Things (SIoT) is defined where things can establish social relationships with other objects autonomously. This will lead to a network of things and humans talking to each other or exchanging data.

Does this connectedness affect the #futureofPMWork ?

How will the Project manager need to evolve to manage connected projects?

Enter the connected Project Manager with:

  1. A connected mindset: In #futureofWork the project managers are drivers of innovation, change and culture. Since no project will ever exist in isolation, they are responsible for bringing in the connected mindset and systems thinking.
  2. Focus on interoperability: The Project Manager will need to drive solutions that understand how the the things are to behave. This will help design engineers anticipate potential failure modes much more effectively, which in turn effects how they spec the instrumentation into the design. This means collaboration between end users, hardware, software, third party partners, service providers and the ecosystem.
  3. Experimental, adaptable and innovative approach:  The build approach would be experimental, create prototypes, deploy the minimal viable product to production, monitor and collect performance and usage data. The usage data may be end user usage data or data emitted through interactions with other things in the connected ecosystem. Learn from the data gathered, generate insights, adapt, innovate not only to improve the current solution, but also existing solutions in the ecosystem to meet and exceed customer expectations, add value, and scale up to an entire ecosystem.

The value of connected projects lies beyond the connectivity – The Business Value! The Mantra for generating this value is “Start Small - Show, don’t tell -Learn and Adapt and Grow Big!”

Sounds like Agile ?

To learn more on why Agile is most suited for IoT projects read on


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Thanks for sharing., very interesting article

Hello Priya - thank you for sharing. I want to remain relevant and appreciated the information you have shared with us all!

Thanks @Rami. i am glad you liked it

Thanks @Eduin.

Thanks @Lori. I am glad you found the article useful

@Priya - very interesting concepts that you are introducing: SIoT and Digital Thread. I like how you provide recommendations for the profession and future of work.

@Bruce thank you for those kind words.

Nice articulation of Experimental, adaptable and innovative approach

Thank you @Sandeep

Dear Pryia
Interesting approach to "Connected Project Manager and the Connected Future"
Thanks for sharing

I will definitely want to know more from your perspective

Dear Pryia
I just read the article about IoT and the three reasons that make agile essential:
- Speed ​​to value
- Accelerate decisions
- Constant Collaboration

Very interesting perspective

I noticed you are in "search of storyteller" :-)

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