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Skills to thrive in the new normal and the future

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What will the future be like for project managers? How will our teams change? Will robots displace human beings? Will we be able to have an edge in the age of AI? This blog will focus on our future of work—including current trends and future trends that we will experience in our workplace. Learn how project managers can leverage these trends to amplify value for customers, stakeholders, teams, the organization as a whole—and themselves. It’s all about proactively managing the transition to the future!

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Skills to thrive in the new normal and the future

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Until March, I was very excited about the future, I dreamt about an exciting future for project managers and #futureofPMWork. Then came the COVID-19.

COVID-19 is nothing short of a “Black Swan “event, just like the invention of the internet, or the 2008 market crash. Needless to say this has affected all industries, a lot has changed for us, project managers, remote working, processes, decentralization, culture, ways of communication are only some impact and more are yet to come.

What are the key skills that are required for managers, leaders in the new normal ?

The million-dollar question that is probably in the minds of every project manager, leader popped out while I and Lenka were moderating our maiden connect at the #PMIChapterXchange program.

A Panel discussion with experts from Czech Republic (Petr Janis, Michal Jauker) and Mumbai chapter (Satish Mittal, Chintan Oza) to share their perspectives on this very topic. So what did our panellists say

Petr laid emphasis on adaptability, listening and digital skills

Michal vouched for effective communication, team motivation and the value of global outreach enabled by the virtual world

Satish accentuated on the ability to navigate through multiple skills, 3rd eye out, predict risks and motivate team to innovate.

Chintan highlighted the skill improvement framework Identify(gaps), Classify( what can be achieved), Simplify( bucketize Short, Medium and Long term goals), Justify( correlate goals to current scenario)  and Amplify ( go full throttle to achieve your goals)

Armed with the wisdom of the wise and deep introspection of the great lockdown, here are some additional skills that comes out dominant for a leader to succeed in the #futureofPMWork

Anti-fragility:  Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. A resilient leader resists shocks and stays the same; an antifragile leader gets better it means that he / she does not merely withstand a shock but learn and improves because of it. Leaders must learn how to make their lives anti-fragile, rather than simply less vulnerable to randomness and chaos to survive in #futureofWork

 Empathy: Tough times calls for leaders to lead with empathy. Empathizing in these times can go a long way to foster engaged and inspired teams.

Inclusiveness: Uncertain times calls for innovative, creative and high-performance teams. Leaders will need to create a well-intentioned, inclusive-minded environment to foster high-performance teams.

Do you have any other skills on your mind which would be relevant for project managers to succeed in the #futureofPMWork ? Comment below.

Want to know more about the #PMIChapterXchange program ? Comment below or connect with Priya or Lenka.

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A unique initiative. Thanks for driving it. It was my pleasure to be part of the first event and share my thoughts. This initiative provides a platform to interact and learn from experts in other international regions. Its a marquee event, enriched with latest topics, members look forward to attend. Keep up the good work. Let's continue to collaborate...

Thanks for writing this up Priya, it’s a great summary of the discussion plus the addition of the anti fragility, inclusiveness and empathy. All these skills are needed extensively in the new normal.

Well summarized.

Project Leader not only has to learn prerequisite skills to outperform but shd also make his other team members to learn and bridge gap to ensure deliverables

Thanks Chintan for your comments. I love the skill improvement framework that you suggested

Thank you Lenka, my partner in crime. Loved every moment moderating the session along with you !

Bhavesh, Thank you ! A leader is as good as his/ her team is !

Nicely article, Priya. I think Knowledge sharing and mentoring are some of additional skills required by leaders & managers to succeed in the professional life.. It will earn you a respect for sure..

Nice article Priya. Anti-fragility (resilience) is definitely a must have in these "interesting times".

BTW I would contend that COVID-19 is more of a "black elephant in the room" event (as suggested in another thread - can't recall exactly which). It was a high likelihood "risk" that had been noted for years, but we were somewhat complacent about until it started stomping around!

Thanks for sharing

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