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Don't worry, you are not too young

Management starts with our personal lives

Your professional image and what you show to the world

Young People x Personal Culture

People: Who can really support the beginning of you career

Don't worry, you are not too young

Categories: Career Development

Do you think your age says a lot about you? That you're too young? Even worse, do you really think your age tells you what you can or can not do?

Okay, right! You can continue to think that your age limits your chances of reaching high goals and reaching for some dreams because "it's not time yet."

I joined my first job at age 14. I admit it was not a need for life or death. I did not have an extreme need to earn a lot of money, or a ready definition of what use I would make of my salary. But why then did I get a job at that age? Because that's what I wanted and was not even aware of how old I was. I just wanted to start my professional journey with 14 years.

This is no reason for me think that was the better decision or even that everyone should do the same thing. The only point that I wanted to share with you, is that I did not worry about what would happen or how old I was, I just believed what I wanted to accomplish.

In a article Elaine Mead write that is never too early to talk about careers, not even for a child, and she remember that by introducing the subject of careers from the start with her child, you give them a chance to really start build their own ideas and opinions, ask questions and find out information about where they want to go in life. And dreams are necessary, primarily the big dreams.

When it comes to important academic decisions, they already have an advantage as they build their selected studies around a career goal (or goals) they have in mind.

Enough of this stupid craze of waiting for the time to pass to arrive at the right time.

You own your future, as I said, and you have to accept that. If it's hard to hear it, I'm sorry. But you are falling behind if you do not take that responsibility for yourself.

In a very interesting article, Katie Burke presents 15 career tips for the 22-year-old. But believe me, if you have less, they certainly are for you. I do not care about your age, remember?


  1. Look for companies aligned with your dream

  2. Learn to like feedbacks - Mostly negatives

  3. Have colleagues who challenge you to go further

  4. Never stop learning

  5. Know your weaknesses and go over them

  6. Deliver a lot and show your value - shut up with results

  7. Learn to sell

  8. Look for results, not just recognition

  9. Who runs your career is you - Do not expect your leader to be guided

  10. Have specific goals and work for them

  11. Like to face great challenges

  12. Use your social skills to your advantage

  13. Do not give up, because things will not always go away as you expect

  14. Do not expect fast return and not even early - Just work through your dreams

Do not be afraid to try new things or follow some crazy dreams that you have. Your age is not and can not be a hindrance to making your life better. So do not let it be.

It's no use wanting to change the world without changing you. I will be repetitve: get out of your head that you're too young or things like that.

Your career has an owner. One owner. Just you!

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Management starts with our personal lives

Categories: career, Career Development

The great manager you want to be in the future, begins to act in the projects that you are currently leading your personal life. Actually, managing your life is your biggest project!

Anyone who has already spoken to me knows the love that I have for management tools, especially those that we can apply in any area of ​​our lives  as well our career. Techniques that we can reproduce to manage our time, work, daily activities, etc.

Knowing how to treat yourself with the quality of a specialist and manage our lives responsibly is a quality to be admired and even proud of.

Perhaps you who are reading this article have already cogitated the idea or maybe dreamed of being a great leader, admired and followed by people who believe ou share your values.

But would you follow the people that you are today?

This is an interesting question, after all, what good is it to design so many things for tomorrow if we can not show the least effort and dedication to what we dream? If we can not show now that we are capable? Commitment to yourself is a key.

So even though you are still a long way from your goal, remember that: If you are doing everything to stay closer of your goals and really believe in your ability, you should start acting the way you want to be and represent your dream with daily acts. This is demonstrated by attitudes.

Now think that professionally you have already become a manager "by status" or just by operational function.

But are you being a great leader too? What good is to say that you are a competent manager but that your time is not productive, that your life is a mess, that your schedule is uncontrolled, that your financial life works by luck or worse, that the course of your life future is not being guided!

This is very bad! Credibility? Leadership? Followers? Respect? Forget!

Organize your life and manage it. Be a leader of yourself and make things around you not out of control. And if you are young and you want to become that admired and respected leader, able to move barriers ... So it's time to start demonstrating this from now on.

The management of your life has no a job function and no salaries. There will be no bonuses at the end of the year or prizes awarded for merits, no increase or even gratuities or giveaways. But rewards will come! Some small, some big. But believe me, life always rewards those who actually live today with the same energy they have to imagine their future.

For example, in the future when you are 50 years old, do you want to transmit the image of a mature person with a great culture to share among their experiences and still be respected by everyone around you? How about doing the same now with what you've built for yourself so far?

No matter if it is still small, attitude is not quantifiable indicator, it is action! Lets make it happen? Ok, the text is over ... Go and do your part!

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Your professional image and what you show to the world

Categories: career, Career Development

Every day we have a good chance of changing the way we are being seen by the people around us and how we are shaping our professional image.

But changing the way you look is very difficult. Would not it have been easier to shape your image right from the beginning? Causing the right impression at the first contact with each person?

Each one can face in different ways what is the right way to build his image for the world, but what you can not is to completely ignore the importance of it.

A bad personal image can wipe out your chances of success in just a first impression. And being committed to your personal image is not such a simple task and requires a lot of commitment to your short and long-term goals.

Your image needs to shows exactly who you are. No exaggeration! Personal image is directly linked to the preparation for each moment.

With this, learn that you show a commitment to what you engage whenever you devote energies to make things happen in the right way.

Simply by talking to the people you are involved with, you will be building the way they will see you. A first impression of a few seconds is enough so that the person can conclude the type of person that you and the type of image you transmit.

Therefore, you need to take care of your attitudes from the first contact with anyone around you.

Although much is said about networking, it is common to find people who do not know exactly how to implement their networking or how exactly this works for their professional lives. Perhaps he is responsible for most of the endeavors, career opportunities, promotions and many other outcomes in his life.

And it’s not enough just to make some appointments, drink a coffee and exchange cards to form a good network of contacts. You have to go beyond simply establishing relationships, sharing interests and information with others.

Successful people are contacted and maintain their networking in a natural way, because their projects and work done will be responsible for publicizing you. When we try to force this bar, it gets noticed and may sound very bad for your image.

Take care that silly or unreliable attitudes that interfere with the way people perceive who you are.

Changing the way you are viewed after you have left a negative impression is much harder than you imagine. Do not want to waste your energy on that.

Spend energies with what deserves real attention: The constant construction of your professional image.

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Young People x Personal Culture

Categories: career

Culture makes difference in your life

It is important to keep in mind what culture is, to know how we can acquire it. And culture, when we talk about our personal acquiring of culture is a generic concept used to understand human values, practices, knowledge and experience acquired through time.

Reading is something more than crucial for human learning and life improvement, because it is through it that we can enrich our vocabulary and contribute to the so-called "culture" in our minds.

It does not matter if it’s reading paper or digital books, as long as we are always into some reading that improves our life and our knowledge. After all, you learn a lot by just reading the newspaper or news on the internet or just trying to understand what you do not understand

We read a lot of things throughout the day and many of those readings bring us new information or terms that we do not yet know. It is important to increase our understanding of the world by trying to understand these little things that still do not make sense to our minds

And one skill will lead to another. People who read daily and mainly understand what they are reading, can develop at least a small text speaking their vision on any subject.

Recycle your knowledge

Many things that we learn in school time are being forgotten by our brains over the years (some of these things maybe are even good to be forgotten, but this is not the point of this article) because we do not practice them.

It is through a routine reading that the most varied knowledge is fixed so as not to be forgotten later by our brain. Doubts we have in writing could be healed by the habit of reading, we maybe not even have them, because reading makes our knowledge and vocabulary more diversified.

Take care of excessivity

We need to read a lot, as I mentioned above. But I'd like to correct myself here. We need to read a lot, but read things that add value to us. I see a problem, especially of young people, that read so much unnecessary things in the internet, They are making their big brains inaccessible boxes of information, not of knowledge

Another problem is to be a "decorator" of texts. In other words, people who just read a lot and don’t stop a time to reflect or understand what they are reading

To conclude, I think that we have a big challenge for the next years: Select the best things to read and really understand what is happening around us.

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People: Who can really support the beginning of you career

Early in the career, we need to run fast to our goals to see the doors open to us. But who could help your project career in those first steps? Who can approach us to to an interesting opportunity. 

At the beginning of the career the challenges are big issues and the way they come to you are the most diverse possible. 

It is very normal for us to rush to want great accomplishments happen early in our professional life, but we must remember that the walk to the top in a slow but continuous movement.

That way show to us, it does not matter exactly how fast you have given each step in direction to your goals, provided, of course, you are always taking those steps and never stop evolving.

Everyone knows that there is no secret to a successful career because this subject is a very relevant variable and it involves everything from the environment in which you are inserted to the people you relate to throughout your professional life. 

The only certainty we can have, is that your effort and dedication to getting where you want are crucial factors.

But people around you have a very relevant role as well. The network of contacts we build throughout our career reinforces and surrounds us with people who can help us reach the most varied career and life opportunities that we cannot imagine.

Always try to help and contribute to people. Show that you can be someone who adds something of value to their lives and their careers. Make sure that if you do this, without always trying to get something back, you can see the right chances come at the right time. But again, don’t do things expecting something in return.

I do that every day and I try to be a relevant young for people around me. Be confident in your networking and believe in the power that people can have for your career.

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