Project Management

Software Configuration Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase: A Practical Introduction

Author: Brian A. White

ISBN: 0-201-60478-7

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Software Configuration Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase is a comprehensive, practical guide, featuring the most popular commercial SCM tool on the market, Rational Software's ClearCase. The author explains the fundamentals first, and then shows how ClearCase supports the SCM best practices through the Unified Change Management (UCM) model. It demonstrates specifically how ClearCase can be used to facilitate and control change in your software development projects. This book goes beyond the basics and presents more advanced topics that deal with a variety of real-world development scenarios such as managing multiple projects and managing project teams located at different sites. 


  • Introduces basic concepts and the evolution of SCM tools      
  • Illustrates ClearCase objects, including the repository, workspaces, and component management      
  • Provides an overview of the Unified Change Management model      
  • Illustrates how to create the ClearCase repositories and establish a UCM environment      
  • Explains how to coordinate parallel work both within a project and between multiple projects      
  • Explores the issues and approaches to managing geographically distributed development projects      
  • Compares SCM and Change Request Management      
  • Provides an essential overview of Rational's ClearQuest ClearCase technology, ClearCase MultiSite, and ClearQuest technologies      
  • Comprehensive, practical, and clearly written, Software Configuration      
  • Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase(r) provides software developers, managers, and technical leaders with the information needed to take full advantage of SCM and ClearCase in the development of software projects.


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