Project Management

Managing E-Business Projects

Author: Wes Balakian

ISBN: 0759684731

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The authors share with you proven architectural patterns that can help get you up and running quickly, while at the same time reducing your risks. Because today's economy demands that e-business initiatives emphasize profitability and return on investment, the authors also offer guidance on methods to minimize cost, yet ensure quality. This book offers a blueprint to project managers for avoiding such mistakes and for achieving success in the new digital economy. It also includes case studies, examples, references and pointers to other materials. This book:

  • Presents a framework for defining e-business architectures and concepts.
  • Provides information regarding skill and knowledge requirements for a project manager during the implementation of an e-business solution.
  • Provides proven project management strategies, risk management techniques, and application methods that cover most e-business requirements.
  • Demonstrates how engaging the business strategy team is crucial to the success of the implementation and deployment of an e-business initiative.
  • Demonstrates how to guide the development and implementation of an web centric application to maximize the subject matter experts time and input.
  • Provides concrete tools and checklists that were designed for e-business projects.

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