Project Management

Napoleon on Project Management: Timeless Lessons in Planning, Execution and Leadership


ISBN: 078521285X

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What is it about Napoleon Bonaparte that has led recognized modern-day leaders to study his principles—and countless books on management and leadership to quote his maxims? For one, Napoleon rose from relative obscurity to rule all of Western Europe in but a few years—something the Romans took centuries to accomplish.

He brought order out of chaos. He crafted an administration and civil code that is still in use today. His troops adored
him, and the people admired him. Even his arch rival, the Duke of Wellington said, "In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon."

Yet, Napoleon lost it all, only to die alone and in exile. Are there lessons for today’s project managers and leaders to
be found in his successes and ultimate failings? Indeed,
there are.

Project management and leadership are unavoidably and indelibly linked. Recent studies show that excellence in project management is one of the leading enablers of organizational effectiveness. If goals are to be met, one
must be equipped to achieve them. Likewise, good project management requires strong leadership if one is going to effectively lead others to achieve a goal.

Napoleon on Project Management is the first book based on a historical figure to address both the leadership and project management community. It is also the first business book to offer valuable lessons based on the principles and maxims of Napoleon Bonaparte—the dynamic leader whose wisdom can reach across the chasms of the ages.


"Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards."

- R.A. Dickson