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Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations: A Strategic Guide to Portfolio, Program and PMO Success


ISBN: 978-1-60427-085-3

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Using an engaging and easy-to-read writing style, Mr. Jordan takes readers from concepts to a process model, and then to the application of that customizable model in the user’s unique environment, helping dramatically improve their risk command and control at the organizational level. He also provides a detailed discussion of some of the challenges involved in this process.

Risk Management for Project Driven Organizations is designed to aid strategic C-level decision makers and those involved in the project, program, portfolio, and PMO levels of an organization.

Key Features:

  • Details the concepts associated with higher level risks and how those risks can impact a company’s success
  • Delivers a detailed examination of the risk management function for portfolio managers, program managers, and the PMO function. Examines each of these roles in detail and considers how variations in the way in which each role is implemented in an organization can impact the ability and approach to managing risk
  • Explores the relationship between risk profiles, risk tolerance, and the project portfolio, and the factors influencing this relationship. Analyzes the cause and effect between risk events and the risk profile, and provides readers with practical tips for managing the impact
  • Provides meaningful ways to improve the way in which organizations: analyze their risk exposures, create an overall risk profile, establish a risk tolerance based on that profile, and apply that model to their project portfolio as a whole as well as to the programs and initiatives within it
  • WAV offers downloadable templates and checklists to help facilitate risk management improvements—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at

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