Project Management

Challenges and Best Practices of Managing Government Projects and Programs

Author: Young Hoon Kwak, PhD; Min Liu, PhD; Peerasit Patanakul, PhD; & Ofer Zwikael, PhD, PMP

ISBN: 9781628250657

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Government projects undertaken in the United States, the UK, and Australia are examined in relation to non-financial benefits, political dynamics, formal project management processes, megaproject approaches, long product life cycles, and engagement with multiple stakeholders. With these characteristics as a framework, readers gain an understanding of the unique characteristics and recurring problems of managing government projects and programs.

This book offers useful recommendations for disentangling the overlapping technological, legal, political, and social factors affecting these kinds of projects, including:

  • Addressing current and future needs of product durability, functionality, and flexibility
  •  Considering public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Splitting programs into smaller, more manageable projects
  •  Consulting the business community

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