Project Management

How to Manage a Successful Software Project: Methodologies, Techniques, Tools, Including how to use Microsoft Project 4

Author: Sanjiv Purba, David R. Sawh, and Bharat Shah

ISBN: 0-471-04401-6

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With How to Manage a Successful Software Project, you'll get:

  • An explanation of the roles key players take in the systems development process
  • checklists of factors to consider when initiating a project
  • methods of measuring project success or failure
  • examination of common aviodable reasons for project failure
  • introduction to Interactive Project Development Methodology (IPDM)
  • a basic tutorial for using Microsoft Project 4 to help manage projects successfully
  • and more!
  • This book will help you Justify your project

  • Project Stakeholders-pg. 23
  • Project Justification-pg. 37
  • Confirm Executive Approval-pg. 53
  • Political Games-pg. 82

    This book will help you Plan your project

  • Pitfalls in Planning-pg. 64
  • The Effective Project Plan-pg. 74

    This book will help you Control your project

  • Why Projects Fail-pg. 77


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