Project Management

How to be a Better Project Manager

Author: Trevor L. Young

ISBN: 0-7494-2182-7

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Faced with the prospect of managing a project forces many people to ask if they have the skills necessary. Designed to give you guidance through the process of managing a project effectively, How to Be a Better Project Manager will help you to become better at the job. Containing practical and well-tested techniques to improve your chances of success, this step-by-step guide will help you to:

  • keep the project on track
  • keep control of costs
  • and more!
  • This book will help you Justify your project

  • The Project Stakeholders-pg. 25

    This book will help you Plan your project

  • Project Start-Up-pg. 40
  • Planning Your Project-pg. 62

    This book will help you Activate your project

  • The Project Launch-pg. 88

    This book will help you Control your project

  • Your Role as Project Manager-pg. 18
  • Controlling the Work-pg. 98

    This book will help you End your project

  • Closing your project-pg. 135


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