Project Management

Getting a Project Done on Time: Managing People, Time, and Results

Author: Paul B. Williams

ISBN: 0-8144-0284-4

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This guide offers everything you need to keep your project organized and on schedule. In it, you'll find:

  • checklists and tips for efficient project completion
  • facts from a wide variety of sources
  • help on selling your project
  • simple plans, propelled by good communication
  • tips on project shelving and reducing the likelihood of shelving
  • and more!

    This book will help you Plan your project

  • Planning and Charting Projects-pg. 41
  • Reviewing the Project Plan With the Prime Mover-pg. 73

    This book will help you Activate your project

  • Influencing Particpants-pg. 111

    This book will help you End your project

  • Presenting Project Results-pg. 131


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