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how to change chapters

Hi I am currently moved from Saudi Arabia and will go back to uk. Can I change to uk chapter? please advise how to do so I can carry out my exam
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I do not see any reason that you cannot change your chapter. I suggest two things
1. Get I touch with your new chapter and see how they can help you.
2. Get in touch with PMI and I am sure they help you as well.

When I changed cities, I joined the local chapter in the new city so I became a member of both and when the time came to renew my membership in the chapter in my previous location, I did not so I just maintained membership in the new chapter and that was it.

I concur with Kevin and Rami on this.

Hi Mark - depending where you are in your membership cycle, PMI can transfer the membership for you. Please contact PMI Customer Care to facilitate the move:

I agree with Kevin, there should be no reason why you cannot change your chapter.

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