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Components of Project Management Information System

Project Management Information System is vital for maintaining and disseminating information regarding project management processes and further for planning, executing and closing the project. What are the most important components of a Project Management Information System?
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The PMBOK 6th Ed defined it as:-

The PMIS provides access to information technology (IT) SW tools such as scheduling software tools,work authorization systems, configuration management systems,information collection and distribution systems as well as interfaces to other online automated systems such as corporate knowledge bases repositories.

In summary it is a repository.

Please link it more to EEF rather than OPA .


The most important is to understand this: system does not mean software system. It does mean to take into account the whole enteprise architecture from the point of view of systemic thinking.

That description out of PMBOK 6 sums it up.

The most important components of a Project Management Information System include: Work Performance Data (WPD), Work Performance Information (WPI), and Work Performance Report (WPR).
WPD is an output of only Direct and Manage project Work and is an input to Monitoring and Controlling processes outside Integration knowledge area
WPI includes both authorized cost and estimates for completing project work

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