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I am filling in my PMP application, any suggestions would be welcome.
I am filling in my PMP application, any suggestions would be welcome. I have over 14 years experience in managing construction projects and I am compelled to crown it with the PMP certification.
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What helped me most was just seeing someone else's applications to help me figure out the level of detail expected when explaining projects.
Everything else is pretty straight forward.
Make sure you clearly breakdown the activities under your experience section. Good Luck.
Chukwuemeka -

Google PMP Application Assistant and you'll get access to an MS Excel workbook which the folks I've mentored and trained have found useful when preparing their applications.

What I really like about it is the list of activities across the PMBOK process groups - you can draw inspiration from those when summarizing some of your projects...

I also recommend that before you submit your application, that you send the draft to each of the people you listed as contacts for the projects so that they can review the details and let you know if you need to change anything in order for them to fully support you if you are audited.
I completely agree with Eric on this. This will help your contacts to have a good understanding about your role on each projects.
Good luck and all the very best!!

Kiron suggestion (Excel) will definitely help you in building your hours. Also, it is important that you use project management terminologies when completing the experience section of the work/activities you performed in each process group during the project -- 300 to 550 characters per project. Good luck.
You can search in YOUTUBE will be helpful for you!!!

Everybody could be elegible for the audit process. My recommendation is to be sure that people that you named into the references are available for you just in case you are elegible for the audit process. In that case you must request to sign off a document to those people.

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