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CSPO worth it?

Hi everyone!

I am currently studying Scrum and Agile, where I ultimately want to obtain my ACP. I have come across the CSPO certification offered by Scrum Alliance and want to know the community's thoughts on its legitimacy, value, and "teeth" it has in the market.

Thanks in advance!
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Certified Scrum Product Owner professionals have knowledge in Srum terminology, practices, and principles that enable them to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team. CSPOs are the individuals who are close to the "business side"(Customer) of the project.

Jeff -

The two certifications are different so you'd need to decide whether you want to go down the agile lead (e.g. SM) path or the PO path.


The ACP will give you an overview of all methodologies and all of the roles in that methodology. Then as Kiron said, you will need to decide what path you want to go down. Do you want to manage Scrum projects, do you want to oversee Agile in your company, do you want to be the liaison between the customer and the development team.

ACP, CSM, and CSPO all are legitimate and have their place in the market.

It has no sence to have a certification in a specific agile based method related to product owner. A product owner do not need to know or understand a method. She/he needs to be close to the strategy.

Hi Jeff

While the 2 certifications are different, it would be good to understand the product owner role in detail to be a more effective SM. The CSPO course is targeted at story writing, backlog prioritization and had some topics that overlapped with the CSM course. My old company sponsored it and was definitely valuable. My new company though is going for PSM and PSPO offered by because they don't expire. :)
The exams require more preparation and guess that's why those are more valued at my new organization.

I agree with Shweta, the exams for me win over Scrum Alliance, even if the latter is more well known (for now), because 1. it's a much harder exam, and 2. there is no mandatory classes (which is just a way to charge huge fees unnecessarily).

Thanks everyone! Very valuable information!

Agree with shweta

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