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Has anybody used MS Project 2016 to calculate Earned Value?

Only basically familiar with MS Project 2016 I wonder whether it can be used to calculate EVM. Should I attend a seminar?

Thank you in advance.

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I did. the only thing you have to do is to activate the visualization then the related columns will be inserted into your view. MS Project makes the calculation for you when you update the progress. In this case take into account that cost must be updated for each task, not only the progress.

Thanks Sergio .. this is very good and easy way to do.

Hildegard -

I would suggest getting "some" training on MSP if you are going to use its EV capabilities as there are a few steps which need to be taken to ensure that what is reported is actually what you are expecting to see. Either leverage YouTube videos or read one of Eric Uyttewaal's great books on MSP...


I second Kiron here, there are tons of very useful resources on YouTube that will help you with understanding MSP and it's EV capabilities. Remember, the output is dependent on the inputs and the tools and techniques. In this case, the output will be determined primarily by the techniques since the input and tool have already been identified.

Thank you very much indeed for these useful answers.

@ Kiron: Yes, I remember some surprises if you do not take into account the way MSP calculates duration and work depending on the chosen options.

Have a nice weekend


Agree with Sergio. Its easy to use. You can google it and you will get lots of help

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