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Evaluating Project Management Tools
I am currently evaluating a couple of Project Management Tools. What we are looking for most is:
Task Management
Resource Management
Scheduling (Gantt charts would be good)
Dashboards (my boss looooves dashboards)
Cloud solution obviously
Mobile Access a plus
Our project are most waterfall but moving towards more Agile
And the 4 elements we will check on the project and that we need a way to show (in our dashboard) are Scope, Budget, Quality and Customer Satisfaction
I have looked at 10 products so far. My initial analysis has narrowed the field down to 3. What I am wondering is if anyone has had experience with any of these and can give me more information on ease of use, ability to assist in the management of the project (not just scheduling), clarity of the information presented and anything else you think is useful to know? Is there something you just did not like about any of them?
The 3 I like are:
Clarizen (,
Planview (
Podio (

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