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What value do you think there is for a PM to invest in a change certification - CCMP or Prosci ADKAR
I am looking for opinions on the value of PM professionals to acquire change management certifications. What is your opinion?
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I am an educaion seeker but I am not sure it will add lots of value, at least for me. Change is inevitable and part of every process and certification so that’s why change management is built in by default.
Michelle -

The combination of a reputable OCM/CM credential with a PMP is a powerful one. While the PM might not be responsible for ongoing sustainment of the change or for marshalling the initial envisioning and sponsorship for it, they are leading the most crucial steps in ensuring that the change "sticks".

The downside of this is that a prospective hiring firm might try to kill two birds with one stone by asking you to play both the PM and CM roles and on large, complex change initiatives, a dedicated CM is advisable as the PM can't be developing the change strategy and subsequent plan while also doing a full PM role.

Like any domain knowledge, certification helps if you are going to work in that domain.
I got the Prosci training. It's filing the gap of the people side. I liked the training, and hope to find a time to get into the certification but can't find the time yet :)

I am a ex PM converted into a Change Manager and i am happy i did.

It definitely helps being certified in a methodology that you can follow. Personally throughout my career i have done a few and i would recommend Prosci for beginner in Change Management about to start leading smaller projects. When it comes to managing change on larger and complex transformation, prosci training is far from being enough and i would recommend Being First for the advanced practitioner. That is the most advanced and comprehensive change methodology that encompass any type of changes. They have the Change leader Roadmap course that is a great introduction to their body of work. They have also 2 great books written about that topic that could be enough information for an expert PM to find some great insights and top up their PM skills. And for the super advanced change expert, they have the 4sight 9 months training. I did all of these and these are powerful tools and great investment in your development. Good luck! You can find more infos here:

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