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Topics: Communications Management, Innovation, Scheduling, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Does anyone use OneNote for their projects?
The Work Breakdown Structure can help you identify all the steps and put them into sequence. One Note is cross-platform.
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I use one note for writing notes and syncing them accross various devices but not sure I am able to relate WBS with One Note ?
I have a tab for every project. I store meeting minutes and snippets. I have One Note on my ipad and carry it for every meeting. Very handy and useful.
I agree with Rami One note is good for keeping track of certain tasks that you need to do from project to project. It is a good tracking tool for different things for a project it is not a replacement for WBS. You can get way more detailed with One note than you can with WBS but WBS is still important for tracking work.

We use WBS to track resource hours on a project per discipline. Different elements are assigned to the various tech groups. One note goes a bit further in that you can create individual check lists.

What is better than One note is inside Microsoft teams you can add a thing called tasks.
Tasks allow you to assign various tasks you need accomplished that might be outside the typical scope or could be outlier tasks that come up that need done. You can assign it to people and it is tracked and everyone gets emails on when it is due if it has been accomplished etc ...
Like Rami I use One Note for writing notes.

We use OneNote for meeting notes and for tracking action items on smaller projects. I also use shared OneNote folders for 1:1 meetings with my direct staff. It allows us to collaborate in a way similar to (but not as good as) Google Docs.
Awesome, I know the PM Office program can be pretty intense, so anything that makes it easier to manage is always better for certain people
I keep personal checklists for repeating tasks in OneNote as well as generic info snippets that I might need in the future.
Not per se. I use it in general to keep notes and snippets of things I might need later. I definitely do not use it for note taking during sessions. I'm still old school there and prefer pen and paper. Much more agile ;)
As notebook and maybe by Primavera P6!!!
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