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2018 October Book Club - The Practitioner's Guide to Project Management: Simple, Effective Techniques That Deliver Business Value by Lynda Carter

Welcome to the October Book Club!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the webinar, comments on the book, and questions for the author (and everyone else, too).

Stay tuned for more to come!!

Tolitha Lewis (PMI Book Club Host and Moderator)
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Looking forward

Great! Thanks, Tolitha.

Thanks for the update.

Thank you! I am very excited about this book!

Welcome to the Oct book club! It has been 9 days since the book intro video has been released. Over 1,000 people have viewed the intro, and may have said "Thanks" for the intro.

I am looking forward to the next step - the conversation, comments and questions from you.

Great insight. Thank you so much to Lynda Carter and you Tolitha as well.

Interesting! I am looking forward to taking this on an upcoming flight. There are several people around me that could benefit from a comprehensive overview of project management.

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