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Artificial Intelligence is Coming

How concerned are you that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have an impact on you as a project management professional?
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HI see “the second machnie age” by Brynjolfsson, Erik

- Artificial and human intelligence in the second machine age
- Learning to race with machines : recommendations for individuals

In short jobs with a lot of human interaction will be difficult to replace with AI.
Positions that invole a a lot of repetative steps to a well defined process may be at risk.
However, as big data analytics, AI & robotics become more prolific there will be more work developing, producing and maintaining these systems While we should be cautious, as Hawkins advised, there will be jobs created in the future that we have not considered yet. Whose to say these new positions wont be directing AI in the analysis of data.

I welcome AI and robotics in this data-driven age. All the boring managerial and governance tasks will be much better done and the PM can concentrate on what really matters, the human factor, his/her sponsor, stakeholders, and tribe.

As you have talked about before Kev, the greatest impact will be the combination of multiple technologies and AI will be one of the most integrated in the next few years!

I'm scared because of the fact that we seem to have huge gaps in 'intelligence' as it stands and now we want to put artificial intelligence on top of that ;)

What I see is a lot of AI but the ability to integrate it properly seems to be lacking a bit. There are some great exception though.

Not concerned at all Kev. Bring it on.

Previously i assigned one project is AI supported semiconductor industry, which is by all integrated software connected from each different department to work efficiency, simple example such as solar farm app which is remote control compliance, All detectable and traceable at each stage, something like block chain technologies application. It is amazing performance! Artificial intelligence is not only robot we talking.
Old days, is labor working on the manufacturing line, now it is reverse engineering by software integrated with so called "machines “communicate with each other’s to complete the job. Of course, without talents , those AI cant be performed well

Well Folks,All said and done ,AI has lot to do with EQ(Emotional Quotient) rather than IQ(Intelligence Quotient)!!!

While AI affords companies unprecedented capabilities(be they in terms of speed-of-light calculations and more detailed analytic processing powers than the human mind can endure), it cannot, on its own accord, exude EQ capabilities. This presents an exciting opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow. While your level of EQ is likely deeply ingrained in you, it is not rigid.


Will be interesting to see the story unfold.

Not very concerned about AI.
I am seeing it like help in few jobs while need to learn/do few other manually.

Going to be a great change in project management!
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"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."

- Oscar Wilde