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Scrum Alliance vs - which one do you recommend for going Agile?

Dear All,

If you are aspiring to go Agile, which certifications would you prefer for your teams - CSM/CSPO from Scrum Alliance or PSM/PSPO from

In your opinion, which one of the two is more practical and pragmatic? What are the top reasons you recommend one upon the other?

Any feedback/suggestions based on experience would be very helpful in particular.
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Zaheer, Both Scrum Alliance and Scrum are same kind of organizations to promote Scrum. In my opinion, Scrum Alliance has more reputation and most of the organizations look for CSM and CSPO certifications from Scrum alliance. Now a days, also getting into more organizations. Here are a couple of articles on the certifications.

Also, another article from Sante from our discussion board.

Existing discussions/blogs on the topic. Many here appreciate the offerings and value from

For reference:

I will suggest you go for PMI-ACP first if you have not done yet and then go for scrum alliance

I have CSM from Scrum Alliance and I like their offerings and networking,as well as Professional Development paths. I'm currently working to take the PMI-ACP exams as I just got approved from PMI. I agree with Fagun Garg that if you can, you should work towards the PMI-ACP certification first.

I agree with Fagun regarding getting the PMI- ACP first. I took the Scrum Alliance CSM class/certification first, if i did it all over again I would take the ACP first and then go for the PSM with Scrum.Org. It is much cheaper and you do not need to pay several hundred dollars for the two day class. You also do not need to pay to keep your certification current.

In my opinion, you should go to the Scrum Alliance. If you need to know why I'm saying that you should read articles from these websites:

In my opinion you should choose whichever one gives you the most confidence, there is no big difference and both institutions are recognized for their merits.

PMI-ACP covers most of the popular methodologies and is more Agile principles oriented instead of a prescriptive methodology. Scrum is a methodology only and difficult as a first transition to implement completely in an organization when transitioning to Agile. Look at the DAD framework as well it is flexible Agile and can be implemented in full in incremental changes.

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