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How to outline communication paths?
My client is implementing an ERP here in the states. Additional to that implementation, now that we are wrapping up, they want to hand this custom system to their Indian subsidiary that does that does the same type of unique business, only in India.

Among some of the challenges is to identify the channels of communication that the Indian users are to follow when they have training questions on this system. Some questions could be answered by a local consultant experienced with this type of ERP. Others should come to me, as PM. But most should come to their US counterpart who knows the most about the appropriate business process, and the resulting customized application.

Any thoughts on how to best identify the types of communication, and how to direct questions to the right parties?
The way I would approach this is first differentiate between the process and content questions. Agree that when the local consultant can not answer them the questions will go to you since these are process related and you are accountable for the success of the project. It would help if you go to India to stay there for a week to understand the local culture and way of working.

Regarding the content questions which need to be divided between the Indian consultant and his counterpart in the US I would suggest you bring the Indian consultant to the States to let him participate in the final stages of the US project and first join the training and then facilitate the training with the US counterpart in the lead facilitator role.

Moving back to India I suggest you sent the US counterpart as well and let him support the Indian consultant in India. In this way you achieved a maximum knowledge transfer. After the first training it also becomes apparent what the kind of questions will be asked.

From now onwards all questions should go to the local Indian consultant and he will direct any question he can not answer to the US consultant. To ensure questions are answered satisfactorily and timely by the Indian consultant I suggest to implement a training survey to measure the satisfaction of the students. This will help you to improve the training and makes sure for you the desired quality level will be achieved

Finally I would suggest you visti on an India on a regular basis every 6-8 weeks and ensure travel budget is in the project budget and approved.
Good luck Hans

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