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Free of charge Team Building Activities

I'd like to hear original ideas for team building activities that do not bear cash spending (all team members on site, no remote team).
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Eduard -

Lots of sources online for team building activities of different length but here are a few:

1. Pictionary
2. Two truths and a lie
3. Broken telephone games

Remember that many planning activities are also a good opportunity for team building - any process where we are diverging and converging (e.g. identifying and prioritizing risks) could be gamified with a bit of imagination to both address the needs of project management as well as helping to build a more cohesive team.

Finally, why not take the team to a local charity to volunteer for a half-day or so - sharing is caring?


there are many on the web, for example in

Team building is like a connection/networking activity. You can use any opportunity for team building. Having the mission and objectives of the team ready and communicate them when possible. Meetings, personal interactions, gatherings, etc. can be the best situations for this purpose.

We have tried several of the games over the years, many were less than successful in getting full participation. I remember that we did (two truths and a lies, team bingo, building a tower out of paper and rubber bands, guessing baby pictures, guessing hobbies)
For volunteer work, we did a clean up day in a park by the Potomac river, a park trail clean up day, a blood drive)
I have suggested a gamification of learning about people. Bio's a written and then weekly questions are asked and you need to figure who fits the answer. A prize can be given (something small like candy, treats, $10 Starbucks card).
I will say that some of the best team building activities I have done are the ones the do cost money (Laser tag, Escape Room)

I find that activities involving food tend to have high participation rate and bring people together. Particularly potlucks which tend to bring conversation about everything from heritage, culture, to favourite food, food experiences and allergies. Which usually generates more conversations and story telling between people.

For remote teams, team building exercises need to be short and meaningful. I recommend - celebrate important dates/anniversaries/birthdays virtually with performances/talent showcase during such events.

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