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Can the project manager approve change request without transferring to CCB in case of minor change?

Change request approval
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The level of authority including of approving changes to baselines should be defined in the role description of the PM or the project charter, and could be set by company policies (EEF).
Sometimes in reality baselines are not so detailed which allows for more flexibility, e.g. when the plans are baselined on a higher level of the WBS, but the detailed planning is done much deeper.
Each project should balance the cost of controls vs. benefits of monitoring.

I t depends on project complexity and organization and what is policy!!!

While it depends on each organization governance process my first answer is Not At All. Reason: project manager do not has the whole picture to measure the impacts. Remember that projects are started to put strategy into action and each project is impacted the whole organizational strategy.

It depends on the plan. Remember, the plan is always the plan, until the plan changes.
In one of our major technology projects, our project managers are empowered (via the Change Request Plan) to review and deny change requests. If our team approves, only then will the request move to the Steering Committee, who based on our plan is the CCB. They have an escalation path to the Project Exec Committee as well to review.
However, for this one particular project, we have a projectized organization that is made up of former directors, managers, and supervisors from the very department we are transforming. They are PMPs and CAP-Ms as well.

Depends on the governance model of the organization. Not all organizations have a CCB, still, maybe there are other procedures in place in which are there for proper vetting of any change requests.

It depends on your company structure and given authorities to PM. It may need to ask for advise from your superior.

Generally small changes or moderate changes PM will take care doing impact analysis and getting approvals required. when there is a major change then it should be routed through CCB , Change order should be created and proper approval should be in place.

It depends on the size of the organization and the power of leverage given to the project manager, in some small companies handling a simple project, the project manager approves most of change control procedures.

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