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Is scrum applicable in construction field?.

Scrum can be applied in construction field.
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Juher -

Elements of Scrum can certainly be applied, but it would be difficult to apply the framework as is in most construction contexts. I'm sure regulatory authorities would be concerned if the only key artifacts focused on were a product backlog, sprint backlog and potentially shippable product increment!



I agree with Kiron. You can apply Agile - Waterfall Hybrid to construction projects but Scrum on its own or Agile on its own won’t work due to the nature of the construction industry especially on complex large jobs but generally speaking, I find DSDM-Waterfall suits construction projects more than Scrum-Waterfall.


Normally any change driven methodology is difficult to adopt in a construction project. However, I give an example of Incremental and Iterative approach for construction project. Imagine a building with 100 flats. One approach will be that after the structure is ready, then do plumbing work for all the flats, then do electrical work for all the flats, then plaster for all the flats, then tiles for all the flats etc. Using this approach, you can not release any flats for use till all the flats are 100% complete. This is like "waterfall model". In another approach, after the structure is ready, take only 10 flats in hand, do plumbing, electrical, plaster, tiles etc and make the unit ready for handover. Then take next set of 10 flats in hand, make them ready for handover and so on. I call this approach Incremental/Iterative.

Scrum is not a method neither a methodology. It is a framework that each organization must fill it up with tools and techniques that best fit for your current situation. Two years ago I was in a 5 days workshop performed by Jeff Sutherland regarding his work "Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time". The workshop was fully intensive and totally practical. The examples Jeff used was for creating an fighter plane and to construct a skyscraper end-to-end. In my personal case I used DSDM in 1999 in a construction project that between others won the PMI award.

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