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WBS challenges
Based on what you have experienced up to now, what would be your top 5 challenges when preparing a WBS for a project?
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Abolfazl -

In no particular order:

1. Ensuring the right SMEs are involved
2. Ensuring we haven't forgotten something critical
3. Ensuring we don't decompose deliverables beyond our confidence horizon - rolling wave planning is one way to avoid that
4. Resisting the temptation from participants in the WBS workshop to jump right into scheduling
5. Convincing SMEs and stakeholders of the value in preparing a WBS!

And its should be updated as agenda meeting to ensure the actual work as per WBS
Task dependencies.
1 reply by Abolfazl Yousefi Darestani
Feb 14, 2019 8:47 AM
Abolfazl Yousefi Darestani
Determination of ask dependencies is after creating WBS. It has to do with scheduling.
Feb 14, 2019 6:53 AM
Replying to Ajai Anthony
Task dependencies.
Determination of ask dependencies is after creating WBS. It has to do with scheduling.
1. Culture resistance to change
2. Lack of experience and knowledge within PMOs
3. Getting all to agree on structure and level of detail
4. Updating as required (rolling wave)
5. Contractors lack of knowledge, experience, and discipline
- Stakeholders don't understand all the places a WBS is utilized, and fail to respect its importance.
- Some taxonomies fit certain functions better than others, and finding the balance can be difficult.
- For those areas that don't align well to the WBS, some kind of "decoder-ring" is required for alignment.
- Some levels of the taxonomy can get too broad to fit the numbering system and adding new branches fits poorly with the overall tiered structure.
- Developing an organizational structure when the scope and specifics such as technical approach are still unknown in places

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