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Has anyone heard of iCert Global - can you confirm its not a scam.
They want me to train people for certification. Last minute request. They reached out on LinkedIn.
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I see their advertisements all the time on LinkedIn for PgMP and PMP courses but never dealt with them before.
Very critical reviews are showing up on, and
I've heard of training companies in past threads on this board that search out instructors using LinkedIn to teach classes, only to stiff them on the bill as they left town.
I cannot say for certain that iCert Global is such a company. But it is far more common among IT training companies to have FT or PT trainers that they simply fly or bus out to the location that the training class is going to be given - rather than try and hire a local professional at the last minute.
They contacted me 2 1/2 weeks before a PMP prep class and asked me to teach it - VERY low-ball offer. They are not, as they suggest, a Registered Education Provider (REP). PMI said they were once registered years ago, but are not now. They have a similarly set-up web site as another company of this nature - Eduklas. They both operate from mailboxes in a warehouse-looking facility in Houston, TX (10685-B Hazelhurst Dr.). They offer the same courses. Their pricing is the same. They seem to operate from India. Eduklas delays, then fails to pay their instructors, and prefers to use WhatsApp for communication rather than email or phone. Training material had errors and was insufficient to last more than 2 of the 4 day course. A recent class locally was asked to pay by credit card (multiple payments, each under $10K) rather than by company check. The instructor was well- qualified, but was never paid. Eduklas is not a PMI REP although they claim to be and use the PMI logo on their course materials.
Thanks for your response. I knew something was not right. I could not find them on the REP list either. I ended up blocking and reporting the person who reached out on LinkedIn.
1 reply by Ninad Kulkarni
Feb 27, 2020 5:10 AM
Ninad Kulkarni
Hi All,

Icert Global -Bangalore Office, contacted me for Project management Training for the first time about 2 years ago and since then I have been associated with Icert Global as a trainer for various Project Management /Agile courses. I have conducted classroom, corporate as well as instructor-led online courses for them. So I can say that they are not scam. I have received all the payments due so far, albiet they were a bit delayed on a couple of occasions.
In general I found them trust-worthy to work with.
Someone also recently filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB was unable to locate the company.
I had similar experience. They contacted me on LinkedIn to do training. Lack of detail is always a red flag. I expect to earn at least as much as my contractor daily rate. Very simple question that was not answered. I believe that to be safe it's always good to use a company endorsed by the certification issuer.

Got a similar message on LinkedIn, then a phone call where I requested they send me more detail. Never received anyting
Yes, total scam. They reached out via LinkedIn (some guy in India) and did nothing to actually vet me on my credentials. Their materials are written by someone overseas and littered with grammar and spelling mistakes. They offered $600 to teach two students in San Diego in early 2018.

I reluctantly taught the class and was embarrassed throughout the experience. The students deserved better.

iCertGlobal refused to pay me until I threatened litigation. Avoid at all costs and spread their shame!
Potential instructors beware!!!

I was contacted to teach a class for a single student in March on short notice, and agreed to do so, despite my intuitive reservations. The material provided contained multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes, and were inferior to other organizations that I have worked with.

The worst part of he experience though, is that I have not yet received payment despite contacting them multiple times and getting re-assurance that payment would be issued "this week". I am skeptical that I will ever be paid.

This is clearly an organization to avoid...I wish I had.
Same here. I've been approached by different groups asking me to put together the training and deliver it for $100! Sheesh!
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