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I am a civil engineer and involved in to project planning ,monitoring , controlling, & preparation of all MIS reports for top management as well coordinate with site project team for various projects
1. While preparing base line program especially during resource loading (manpower) allocation it's always have 30 to 40 % additional resource needed may be this is due to variation , change of design,productivity, less productivity due to climatic condition,natural calamaties etc.,

.. This is affecting not only over all time,cost of the project it affects the progress executive report for top management to understand realistic status of report. How to fix solution for this. ( Even you noted down and consider possible risk register , past experience etc.,)

Main cause of delay in the real project what I experienced so far :
** How to fix this to avoid and create win - win situation for pilot & fast track project to avoid penalty

Non finalisation design requirement during pre constructional stage
Revision and changes during project period
Client addtional requirement
Selection of material out of tender scope delivery due to lead time
Offcourse poor productivity, change in environment etc., ( GCC countries)


The above mentioned few examples is prime factor affecting progress which leads to misleading progress report during the real phase of project which is known to all but still we discuss , think,adopt and so on but we should find 100 % solution to overcome this area.

Please guide me how to over come these area of constraints during initial stage as well project & near completion stage of the project.

Hello Balakrishnan,
Part of my early career was in the Oil & Gas sector of the North Sea. I had a role as planning engineer which was heavily focused on project controls. We had two areas of focus - firstly in bid preparation where we worked alongside others to prepare detailed bids for huge multi-million pound investments and secondly in the detailed planning and control of work secured and in progress. Having a baseline is critical for these type of initiatives however the information needs to be accurate and reliable. It sounds to me that you do not have this. In particular it seems you have a problem with estimating resource demand. This in turn will affect cost, time, risk and perhaps your even your scope. Certainly look at the rates you are using as well as the durations of activities. Allow for a productivity factor based on previous actual results and test the results before setting a baseline. With your margin of error stated at 30%-40%, your are likely to be at least 50% out in every case. This amounts to potentially huge waste. It may be worth seeking some external expert assistance to verify your planning inputs and assumptions. Revisions to scope post award are easy to control and manage if the baseline is reliable, hopeless if not. Your senior leaders should be very concerned. I hope that these few words provide some assistance and guidance. I wish you well going forward.

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