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‘We don’t have the data’ sounds familiar? What are the top 3 excuses you’ve received when it comes to data?
When it comes to data, too much or too little can be problematic. But no data?? Seems impossible right? Wrong... ‘we don’t have the data’ seems lame but definitely the one ranked first, second and third in list! So what’s yours? Please share your thoughts!
There are many guides on how to tackle them, here are a few links I found (thanks google!),
- , courtesy written by Mike Wagaba
- , courtesy written by Nick Smith
Please do share yours too!
Thank you!
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In one company, every time I asked the IT Administrator for data from the system, his response was "aye aye aye that is very difficult". Only years later did I find out that the problem was his training was not sufficient to help him customize reports....
Another answer I get quite often in our environment here, is when you ask for financial data "we cant share this". It takes a lot of workshops and sensitizing to get your Senior Management to agree to share information with Project Managers and make them understand that if they get an average salary rate for a certain level of employee that does not mean they have access to the payroll.
Thanks Stephanie, valuable share! Completely agree, I find it does takes some skills to manuevre to get results especially in more mature, established, large corporate space.

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