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main qualities of a good project manager

What do you believe could be defined as the main qualities of a good project manager?

Can these qualities or character traits be learnt?
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There are some qualities
1- Excellent communication skills. ...
2- Strong leadership skills. ...
3- Good decision maker. ...
4- Team-building skills. ...

Of course all these above qualities can be learnt .

Hi Joey,
I consider following as top qualities of project manager .
1. Taking right decision at right time
2. Proactively problem solving
3. Collaborator
4. Big picture thinker

My Opinion, not only for Project Manager, these qualities are important in every role we take up in Career.

1. Good Listener
2. Empathetic
3. Crystal Clear in Communication
4. Responsible
5. Goal Oriented
6. Motivator
7. A person with Positive Mindset
8. A person who can remain Calm under pressure
9. Someone who is always a Solution Finder
10. Confident

I would say,
1.Leader and Lead by example, Influence others
2. Proactive
3. Good communication skills.
4. Always have a plan B .

And these come with experience.

First thing is to define what "good" mean due to is somthing subjetive that must be defined into a context to make it objective one.

It seems that you have a long list of those qualities, however, a good pm is the person who can manage the project and achieve all deliverables and products as planned (time, scope, quality, cost, etc.)

A good PM has to be a good communicator and a good leader. Communication can be learned, as can leadership SKILLS, but leadership on a whole is often innate.

Good project manager:
Good: well engaged stakeholders, well managed project constraints, good team relationship
Network:826 least most of the time

- Able to see around corners
- A dog-like ability to sense disaster before it strikes
- Works so closely with the Project Team that they no longer consider you to be a PM, but more of a colleague
- Ability to speak on all intellectual levels
- Ability to keep the project interesting to everyone
- Become one with Senior Management
- Sense of humor
- Attention to detail
- Dedicated
- Adaptable
- Open minded
- Friendly
- Out going
- Office Appropriate
- Kind
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