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Looking for a high quality software package that supports both Agile Scrum and Waterfall projects?
Part of my company utilizes Agile Scrum for managing projects. Others utilize Waterfall. I'm trying to find a PPM software package that can manage both methodologies, and has tools related to both.
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There seem to be large and growing number of PM software out there that can accommodate Kanban or Scrum teams. What specific requirements does your organization have before they consider it "high quality?" What do they need it to do for their predictive project teams vs their agile teams?
The techniques vary enough that it is difficult to find a single package that works well for both. Microsoft is integrating more Agile features into Project all the time, but it is not very intuitive in many instances. It will work well for hybrid projects, but I use separate tools for projects that are strictly Waterfall or strictly Agile methodology. That said, my company is about 90% Waterfall based projects.
I've heard (and briefly seen) Planview do both very well.

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