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Artificial Intelligence & Today's Project Manager

According to Gartner Analysts, 80% of Today’s Project Management Tasks will be eliminated by 2030 as Artificial Intelligence takes over .
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Shadav -

This topic has been beaten to death in earlier discussions. Yes - hard skill oriented tasks can be automated or eliminated, but soft skills ones won't be so long as scope is delivered by human beings.


Behind the trust is always the trust. Check who is the sponsor of the analysis.

Gartner’s article (in my opinion) is predicated on a subjective viewpoint. The author assumes that project managers spend 80% of their time doing Data Collection, Tracking, and Reporting. This represents to me that Gartner did NOT execute reasonable due-diligence on this subject, which is quite disappointing, recognizing that they are a Research focused entity.

Maybe the eighty percent is based on how Gartner personally leverages project managers as schedule managers, or maybe it’s the "I dislike project managers – syndrome." This disorder comes on individuals who believe "they could do a better job," which is normally based on the fact that their only interaction with a PM is when they are being asked for "percentage of completion" on a task.

Regardless of the reason, this is a massive mischaracterization of our profession.
Jun 03, 2019 12:04 AM
Well Noted ... thanks for your reply ..

Hi Shadav, I have to agree with my peers, AI can never replace the PM, when 90% of the PM's time is communication.... I don't believe AI could master paralanguage the way a human can

AI is a science that will improve product based technologies. Better and faster software and hardware. PMs are users of this technologies, they can use them on their advantage. Project manager is much much more than the simplest use of technology. AI can eliminate some tasks but the core will be done by the human individual.

I quite agree with you George, project management is more of an art that a science, it is more than reporting, tracking and even scheduling and is more of motivating and influencing
diverse stakeholders - factors such as conflict management, team spirit, time zone variations and inter-cultural sensitivity pose a constant challenge to delivery. they are even more critical in our current world driven by automation and globalization.

While I agree with most comments here, that PM is rather a leadership than a data collection/handling discipline, many PMs and PMOs today are indeed still heavily involved in producing reports, chasing data, eliminating trash data and trying to make conclusions from lackluster data. AI will help to make that faster, better and more reliable.

Take for example BIM - one tool, one source of truth, traceability. Some say BIM reduces a schedule by 20% and efforts by 50%.

The other thing is that AI entered already the world of reading people, their faces, body language, temperature, predicting emotions and decisions. AI enters empathy (and the next step is influencing skills). Bet in 20 years AI will be coach and facilitator in teams.

And overall - will we have projects if there are no humans involved? Is there even a problem to solve without humans?

Hi Shadav,
This was similar worry when computers came in the 80’s and 90’s. Today you see that, all’s well. With AI coming, it will certainly change the landscape, not only for PM but for all the kind of work streams, along with it, it will also change the way skills are developed. People will align accordingly. Many people are already making amends to their learnings to suit the needs of tomorrow. One may not be redundant immediately, which is a good time to catch up and be relevant then.

surely we could mostly agree with the opinion of 80% work of PM by data collection, work tracking and reporting. As quite a lot of those activities are more handled by AI we should see it mostly like an opportunity rather than threat.
Just focus on soft skills development, keep learning strong IT background, have AI on mind and be prepared to see how PM roles will be changed in time, not replaced.

AI will change project management that is a fact, we need to embrace and learn AI but also develop our Emotional Intelligence and Cultural intelligence skill to able to influence and lead both men and machine in delivering projects
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