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Managing the Building and Installation of a New Manufacturing Plant
From en Engineering perspective, having a Blank sheet to build a new facility is certainly an interesting and unique challenge.
While an important focus will be on the Equipment and technology desired to perform efficiently the expected manufacturing process, there are quite a lot of different aspects of the project that need to be addressed.

I would expect the following:
- Current Process Evaluation
- Technology that can improve the current process
- Process Flow for positioning of new equipment

The above activities would help in estimating the floor space, the technology, and budget for the project.

Can you tell me more about your experiences? Which other aspect should be taken care of in such a project?
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-potential suppliers location
-transportation facilities for incoming/outgoing material/Products
-any development opportunity in future
-environmental issues
-weather conditions
I am currently beginning a similar project looking forward to the comments and contributions.

What about the efficiency of the process? and improving it. but Abolfazl pretty much broadly covered it

perhaps new product innovations going forward
what social impact will this project bring?
how is the new facility powered? cost of such fuel
Legislation required
Your 3 bullet points are very broad. I would break those down in more detail.

For example: "Technology that can improve the current process." That can include fundamental chemistry, hardware that is more repeatable and reliable, and instrumentation that allows for a more digital factory and the analytics that can lead to continuous improvement.

One thing I would consider however is ease of change. We are constantly reconfiguring our production facilities. If it is designed in a way where change is cost prohibitive, you are greatly limiting your opportunities for improvement going forward.
There are recent themes that as an engineer you really need to take into account when designing a new facility.

First is the safety of the employees. Try to ensure that they are able to carry out their activities safely and ergonomically.

Second as touched upon is the maintainability of the plant, in particularly accessibility, and related to the first point, the ability to carry out the maintenance safely.

A further point to consider is the sustainability of the plant. Can you reduce the waste produced? Can you make use of renewable resources?

Another point I would consider is the designed lifetime of the facility. Has it been defined by your company? This will allow you to consider the lifetime cost of the facility, meaning you can take into account the OPEX as well as the CAPEX. Investment into renewable power generation or energy efficient equipment can pay out in the long run for example.

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