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Quality control vs quality assurance

Quality control checks product, while quality assurance checks process . Even with this clrea difference but still sometimes it is difficult to distinguish Qc from QC. In infrastructure
works like roads, if the post execution tests are quality control tests, what will be the quality assurance?
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The QA can be things like ensuring you are working to the latest codes so that you pass inspections, ensuring you're using the right survey markers so you put the road in the right place, ensuring your equipment is in good working order and calibrated, ensuring the contractors are working to the correct plans, and anything else that is done to ensure the result is what you planned.

Quality control is about finding defects before you release the product to your client. Quality assurance is about preventing the defects from happening in the first place.

Yes sometime we will get confused in these two terms but both are tightly linked and sometimes it is very difficult to identify the differences. Fact is both are related to each other but they are different in origins. QA and QC both are part of Quality Management however QA is focusing on preventing defect while QC is focusing on identifying the defect.

In order to get quality product, Quality material need to be used. In infrastructure like roads, we need to check the quality of material used. While designing or planning, team identifies the quality level of material need to be used for construction and mention it in project plan. Quality Assurance make sure that the same prescribed quality of material is used while building the road. QA is preventive whereas QC is reactive.

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