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Relocation Project

I am a PM student, we have been assigned to a relocation of a building, does any of you have done something similar? I would like to be into a very detailed WBS and would not like to miss anything, I don't really know if this is the appropriate channel to ask these questions, but I would appreciate any wise advise.
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Congratulations, that is an excellent type of project. I no longer have the WBS! Almost thirty years.

The first step I remember was missing when I got on the project, full inventory of actual services and their actual requirement. That will help in making a project success.

Hope you enjoy, I sure did.

My first question would be are you relocating a physical building, like when they jack up an old house, put it on a trailer, and move it to another location, or are you relocating some type of business operation from one building to another. Those would have very different WBS elements. For operations relocation, I've seen WBS on the web you could use to start from such as Data Center Relocation.

I wouldn't worry about getting too detailed for a class. You're trying to demonstrate the concepts on a make-believe project. Rather than spend a lot of time with detail, I would ensure you have the whole project lifecycle covered from planning, through execution and final quality controls such as inspections or testing the functionality of required systems such as do the toilets flush on the house, or do the network printers work in the office.

The main purpose of the WBS is to share the scope with stakeholders and establish joint understanding. So I would limit the WBS to max 8x8 elements, fitting to one page that can be visualized on the wall.
A GANTT chart could contain many more activities then.

Yes, details should be documented in a WBS dictionary like who is responsible, dependencies, deliverable etc.

One way to check if you did not forget anything is to create 2 WBS, one with the top structure of the product components, the other following your phased timeline.

I agree with my colleagues, the purpose of the WBS is not to detail everything but rather to ensure you are not missing anything from the big picture.

As a course project, the professor obviously is not expecting you to be a relocation expert. The intention is to make sure you understand why and how a WBS is completed.

High level WBS with areas that will be important to transition to the new site:

Old/New facility

Not necessarily in that order. There are many details of a facility move and each movement is dependent on the business needs/operation type. A manufacturing facility is very different process than an office move.

Highest level = Office Relocation Project
Next Level - Project Management , Logistics, Transport, Access Requirements
Under Project Management - Project Schedule, Budget, Scope Management , Risks , Quality , Human Resources, Stakeholders, Procurement
Under Logistics - Security , Overtime Staff, Catering, Safety considerations, Breaks, parking permits, dismantle equipment, box equipment, label equipment , boxes to take equipment in , contingency staff, emergency numbers, escalation numbers
Under Transport - People Transport, Equipment Transport
Under Access Requirements - passes ; Under Passes - Business hours , after - hours
Individual Departments = Next Level (administration, IT, HR, Corporate.....)
Individual Employees = Next Level
Employee Items = Electronic(Monitors, laptops , Phone, Accessories, cables, Keyboard, Headsets), Box 2 (stationery), Box 3 (Items in their locker or the lockers themselves).

At the destination think about - Cabling , switching , seating, workstation, phone ports, electrical ports, electrical testing and tagging , safety inspection , first aid kits, emergency contact numbers, installation of equipment, escalation numbers, building access.

Think of everything you need to move an office function and it's people from one location to another even like a mind map. Then you can try and do a hierarchical breakdown and refinement

I did that last year. But you are searching for the holly grial. The first thing you have to do is to identify the stakeholders that will help you to create all needed, mainly the list of deliverables and activities. Remember: you are not in charge to define the solution. The solution all defined (product requirements) must be given to you in order you can define the project (project requirements). The first one is about business analyst, the second one is about project manager. Just in case you are performing both roles then remember that product requirements are needed to create project requirements.

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