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Has anyone worked with the Cherwell Project Management tool? What did you love and hate about it? What are some items my team should know going into it?
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As a PM I really liked tracking the team's time. They booked their time on Friday and I exported the data into Excel on Monday. A Pivot table later and I validated time against tasks. Very simple. With the data exported to Excel, I was even able to track budget burndown at the same time.

Some fields I could not edit. Once the project budget was entered, that was it. Perhaps it was configured that way to keep the PMs honest, but it made the numbers incorrect when the project deliverables were altered and additional funding added.

On the whole, it's a good tool and easy to use.

Thank you Bob!

I'm hoping they've added the capability for Kanban boards and cards.

I've not seen that, but I may not have access to those features.

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