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Topics: Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Primavera P6, Percentage Progress

Hi friends,I have assigned a current baseline and primary baseline to the project in Primavera P6. Secondly i have also taken the budgeted man-hours with a global change
conversion of Labor units to cost. However as i schedule the project, the activities update with performance % complete(PC) & Schedule % complete(SC) percentages respectively,
however the WBS header does not show any percentage for (PC) & (SC) and so at the final Project level also percentage progress remains blank.
Could anybody suggest, how we can show the (PC) and (SC) to roll up to the top on to show the progress in the schedule due date in Primavera p6.
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From an expert source I have: check that you are 'summarizing' the project. In P6 EPPM (Web), that is at the EPS level. Select the project, right click, Preferences. Make sure WBS Summary says "all" levels. I may have more info on WBS showing PC and SC......meaning if you have different costs (labor, non labor, and material)..there are some items to account for. One note: Make sure your project Baseline has at least $1 on the underlying activities....otherwise, the things with Primavera get challenging

Thanks for your expert feedback Peter, appreciate it. I did try to summarize the project from the EPS level, however i still am not able to get the percentage to roll up. I checked the baseline, it has activities which are resource loaded. Strangely i noticed, as i change the Project and Primary Baseline(Under Assign Baselines) to current project, it works. Maybe there is a problem with the baseline.

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