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Hi all,

I am working with a team to build an efficient method for tracking an integration project between two hospitals. At this time, the only software I am familiar with is Microsoft Project. However, I know there are multiple platforms on the market. Based off of your experience, what is the best PM solution for resource delegation and tracking multiple projects in one instance?

Any feedback is very helpful!

Thank you!
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I use MS Project Server. The software is very easy to use and the server features allow me for resource pooling, etc.
There are different aspects to be cognizant of. While tracking schedule is important, there is also the importance of the availability and dissemination of that information. The state of the project is a starting point for key decisions, so the more information that is readily available to those that are part of the process is empowering to the overall project and its success.

If you continue using MS Project, I'd recommend syncing with SharePoint. Project Server also a good option and even better integrates with SharePoint. If cloud computing is part of the organization's capabilities, then using Jira, Trello, Wrike, etc. could also be options.

Generally, it's the specific needs and organizational standards/practices that help determine the right fit capability wise.

Good luck!
Dear Katelyn,

There are many tools available on the market. Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project are the most popular software for project planning, reporting, progress updating and tracking.
Both the software are used worldwide and they have their own benefits. However there are several differences between them. I prefer to use Primavera P6 because it has advanced capabilities for portfolio management. You can read this comparison to decide which one suits best your project .
A few questions...
1. Are the hospitals part of the same hospital system, or different systems?
2. How many people will actually use the platform? For example, the project might have dozens of stakeholders, but only two PMs (one from either hospital) actually enter information into the system.
I presume your intent is to consolidate projects from each hospital& To reduce conversion efforts, you might want to consider using one hospital's system. Once consoldiated, it should be easier for you to evaluate how well the system works for you.
Take a look at Smartsheet. With the dashboard feature it makes project sharing/transparency very easy for all stakeholders.
Have a look at 'nTask'. It gives functionality for smart and remote teams to manage multiple projects at once. Also, it gives all features for FREE.

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