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Predictive, Adaptive, Incremental or Hybrid?
Building a house with a custom-made plan, what kind of development approach can we consider?
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In construction, we always used the Predictive approach here. I am also interested if there is succesful experiences with the other approaches.
You can consider any project life cycle. Agile principles have been applied in construction, although some people don't recognize it outside of software development. But it really depends on your customer. If there's a generally accepted plan for the house, use a predictive plan and allow for any unknowns or uncertainties. You can use a more iterative approach if your customers are unsure what they want. That would let you deliver value early and often to your customers while allowing them the time and reference points they need to make their custom decisions.

This is actually a really good way to describe MVP to people outside construction, so I will. A "Minimally Viable Product" in this case wouldn't mean that a team comes and builds the framing for the entire house, then the customer inspects the framing and decides how to finish the wall. An MVP would be a small, adequate house that the customers could potentially live in while they decide what to build next. I just have to throw this analogy in here because people who work with less tangible products (like software) often confuse the term.

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