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Which one would it be?
One of the most money-making industries in the world is the soccer industry.
If we compare a project manager with a figure from the football world, which one would it be?
- Coach
- Player
- Sports Director
- Team Manager
- Member of the Structure
- Other
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A successful PM will adopt the right stance for a given situation. In some cases it might be to coach the team or key stakeholders whereas other times they may have to roll up their sleeves and jump in as a player for a short, focused while.

Rather than use the sports analogy, I prefer to compare PMs to conductors of orchestras.

I would say a PM could be either a Coach or Team Manager.
In my perspective it would be the team manager, thinking that the team manager must schedule all team activities, Interact with all stakeholders, plan the season and make the season control of the team. I think the coach is more technical only have to be worried with two sides of PMI triangle , leadership and Technical management, on the other hand, besides that 2 sides the team manager also must be worried with the strategic and business management.
From my point of view, PM can be good as Coach or Team Manager.
I did not see the sense of Project Management in this example. However, I will select the coach because he have the most influence to the players and considered the key driver for winning or losing.
I agree with Kiron,It will depend on the current situation in the project

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