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Examples of Communication Management Plan

Does anyone know where to find good examples of a Communication Management Plan and the other plans that are part of the Project Management Plan?
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Patrick -

there are examples of this in the Templates section of the community. However, remember that these components of the PM Plan need to be tailored (content, format & structure) to fit the context of a given project.


I would like an example with content. I saw the templates they have. It would be helpful to see an actual example. Thanks

Here's one:
1 reply by Patrick Troescher
Nov 04, 2019 12:34 PM
Patrick Troescher
Thank you Christian. That was helpful.

Dear Patrick
Interesting your question.
I agree with Kiron "components of the PM Plan need to be tailored (content, format & structure) to fit the context of a given project"

I agree. Again a good example with content would be useful to me. Then I can use it to tailor to my needs. Thanks

Try searching google for "15+ Communication Management Plan Examples – PDF, Word"

Communication, and establish a plan is a matter of perceibing the needs of your project, wich includes all stakeholders like the project team, sponsor, direct or indirect interested parts. So is not hard to make a plan to indicate the communication channels needed to transmit only the relevant information to each stakeholder and in each regular bases. After you know the tools of communication that you have available and that you intend to use and the information to communicate, it's relative simple to make a communication matrix listing all stakeholders, indicating the information necessary to each, the periodicity of the information, and mean of communication. My advice is that you first try to make your plans by yourself and as second phase you could compare with several templates, for me is the best way to consolidate your knowledge. Each project is unique so is hard to find a template that fit all projects.

Oct 31, 2019 5:25 PM
Replying to Christian Sumner
Thank you Christian. That was helpful.

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